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Single world language

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The idea of a single language allows for the idea of united human A recent study estimated that by the world population could reach as. So if you have a global empire and it wishes to have a single administrative language, your world will have a global language. Alternately you. Universal language may refer to a hypothetical or historical language spoken and understood by all or most of the world's population. ) "The Renaissance had no single view of Adamic language and its relation to human understanding.

IMAGE At the height of the Roman Empire, Latin was the lingua franca of most of Europe, Single world language Minor and North Africa from Wikipedia There is no official definition of "global" or "world" language, single world language it essentially refers to a language that is learned and spoken internationally, and single world language characterized not only by the number of its native and second language speakers, but also by its geographical distribution, and its use in international organizations and in diplomatic relations.

Historically, sihgle essential factor for the establishment of a global language is that it is spoken by those who wield power. Latin was the lingua franca of its time, although it was only ever a minority language within the Roman Empire as a.

The History of English - English as a Global Language

Crucially, though, it was the language of the powerful leaders and administrators and of the Roman military - and, later, languagf the ecclesiastical power of the Roman Catholic Church - and this is what drove its rise to arguably global language status.

Thus, language can be said to have no independent existence of its own, and a particular language only dominates when its speakers dominate and, by extension, fails when the people who speak it fail.

The influence of any language is a combination of three main things: The intrinsic structural qualities single world language a language, the size of its vocabulary, the quality single world language its literature throughout history, and its association with great cultures or religions, are all important factors milfs chat the popularity of any language.

But, at base, history shows us that a language becomes a global language mainly due to the political power of its native speakers, and the gloryholes denver power with which it is able to maintain and expand its position. With the advent since of large international bodies such as lantuage United Nations and its various offshoots - the UN now has over 50 different agencies and programs from the World Bank, World Health Organization signs a woman is interested in another woman UNICEF to more obscure arms like the Universal Postal Union - as well as collective single world language such as the Commonwealth and the European Union, the pressure to establish a worldwide lingua franca single world language never been greater.

As just one example of why a lingua franca is useful, consider that up to one-third of the administration costs of the European Community is taken up by translations into the various member languages.

Some have seen a planned or constructed language as single world language solution to this need. Today the best known is Esperanto, a deliberately simplified language, with just lanbuage rules, no definite articles, no irregular endings and no illogical spellings.

Many of these universal languages including Esperanto were specifically developed with the view in mind that a single women in rochester ny language would single world language lead to world peace and unity.

Setting aside for now the fact that such languages have never gained much traction, it has to wodld said this assumption is not necessarily well-founded. For instance, historically, many wars have broken out within laguage of the same language e. Switzerland, Canada, Singapore, etc manage to coexist, on the whole, quite peaceably.

IMAGE Language hotspots, where cleveland milfs languages are near extinction from National Geographicusing data find sexual partners Living Tongues Institute single world language Endangered Languages While its advantages are self-evident, there are single world language legitimate concerns that a dominant global language could also have some built-in drawbacks.

Among these may be the following:. IMAGE A workd tree representation of the spread of the English how 2 be a good boyfriend around the world from The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language, after Peter Strevens As can be seen in more detail in the section on English Todayon almost any basis, English is wogld nearest thing there has ever been to a global language. Its worldwide reach is much greater than anything achieved historically by Latin or French, and there has never been a language as widely single world language as English.

Many would reasonably claim that, in the fields of business, academics, science, computing, education, transportation, politics and entertainment, English single world language already established as the de facto lingua franca.

The UN, the nearest thing we have, or have ever had, to single world language global community, currently uses five official languages: As we have seen, a global language arises mainly due to the political and economic power of its native speakers.

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It was British imperial and industrial power that sent English around the globe between the 17th and 20th Century. The legacy of British imperialism has left many counties with the language thoroughly institutionalized in their courts, parliament, single world language service, schools and higher education establishments.

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In other counties, English provides single world language neutral means single world language arizona tahoe women between different ethnic groups. But it has been largely American economic and cultural supremacy - in music, film and single world language business and finance; computing, information technology and the Internet; even lanyuage and pornography - that has consolidated the position of the English language and continues to maintain it today.

American dominance and influence worldwide makes English crucially important for developing international markets, especially in the areas of tourism and advertising, and mastery of English also provides access to scientific, technological and academic resources which would otherwise be denied developing countries.

IMAGE The Second Edition of the Oxford English Dictionary" runs to 20 volumes from Oriental girls date sex University Press Some have also argued that there are other intrinsic features of the English language that set it apart, and make it an appropriate choice as a wrold language, and it may be worthwhile investigating some of these claims:.

It is unlikely that linguistic single world language are of great importance in a language's rise to the status of world language, and English's position today is almost entirely due to the aforementioned political and economic single world language.

What About The Future? Back to Top IMAGE Countries where English is an official language from Wikipedia Although English currently appears to be in an unassailable position in the modern world, its future as a global language is not necessarily assured.

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In the Middle Ages, Latin seemed forever set as the language of single world language and culture, as did French in the 18th Century. But circumstances change, and there are several factors which might precipitate such a change once.

There are two competing drives to take into account: It is possible that a natural balance may be achieved between the two, but it should also be recognized that the historical loyalties single world language British ex-colonies have been largely replaced by pragmatic utilitarian reasoning.

The very dominance single world language an outside language or culture can lead to a backlash or reaction against it. People do not take kindly to having a language imposed on them, whatever advantage and value that language may bring to.

As long ago asSinvle Gandhi said, in the context of colonial India: Although single world language former British colonies retained English as an official language after independence, some e. Tanzania, Kenya, Malaysia later deliberately single world language the old colonial language as a legacy of oppression and subjugation, disestablishing English as even a joint official language.

Even alnguage, there is a certain amount of resentment in some countries towards the cultural dominance of English, and particularly of the USA. As has been discussed, there is a close link between language and power. single world language

Should there be one global language? |

The USA, with its huge dominance in economic, technical and cultural terms, is the driving force behind English in the world today.

Currently, perhaps the beautiful mature looking casual dating Columbus possible single world language for such a replacement would be China, but it is not that difficult to imagine circumstances in which it could happen. A change in population and population growth trends may prove to be single world language influential factor.

Official policies of bilingualism or multilingualism in countries with large minority language groups, such as are in place in countries like Canada, Belgium and Switzerland, are lajguage expensive option and fraught with political difficulties, which the USA would single world language to avoid. A report by the British Council suggests that the number of people learning English is likely to continue to increase over the next years, peaking at around 2 billion, after which a decline is predicted.

Various attempts have been single world language to labguage a simpler "controlled" English language nederland woman for international usage e.

Increasingly, the long-term future of English as a global language probably lies in the hands of Asia, and especially the huge populations of India and China. Having single world language that, though, there may now be a critical mass of English speakers throughout the world which may make its continued growth impossible to stop or even slow.

A World That Speaks The Same Language

Hombres de oaxaca buscando hombres gay are no comparable historical precedents on which to base predictions, but it well may be single world language the emergence of English as a global language is a unique, even an irreversible, event. What is a Global Language? Back to Top. Why is a Global Language Needed? Member states of single world language United Nations from Wikipedia.

Language hotspots, where many languages are near extinction from National Geographicusing data from Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages. Is English a Global Language?

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A family tree representation of the spread of the English language around the world from The Cambridge Dorld of the English Language, after Peter Strevens. Single world language English Appropriate for a Global Language? Countries where English is an official language from Wikipedia.